Desktop/Remote EyeTracking System

There are a variety of eye tracking options available to researchers depending on their specific applications.  Desktop/remote mounted systems are designed to accurately track pupil diameter and eye position relative to one flat surface.  The ASL desktop/remote solution is referenced in more published papers than any other desktop/remote eye tracking system.

A desktop/remote mounted solution is an excellent choice when participants are viewing one flat surface or when wearing a head band is not practical.  A desktop/remote solution measures a participant’s eye line of gaze with respect to a single stationary surface in the environment.

As with all of ASL EYE-TRAC Series options, the measurement is displayed as a cursor or set of cross hairs superimposed on the image from remote mounted scene cameras or other video sources showing the participant’s field of view.  A digital recording of this image can be recorded for presentations and data analyis.

ASL continues in its commitment to offer diversity in research project planning by manufacturing desktop/remote optics that can be used with a variety of flat surfaces.  ASL did not align its configurations with one particular monitor manufacturer.  ASL is acutely aware of the ever-changing technologies introduced over the years such as mainframe computers including CRT to LCD to TFT.  When technology fails or a new technology is introduced, the ASL solution continues to adapt to new environments. The unobtrusive optics can also be used with televisions, plasma screens, rearview projection systems, whiteboards, smartboards and a large selection of other flat surfaces.

ASL was the first to introduce the ability to compensate for head motion with desktop/remote eye tracking solutions over 10 years ago.  This system will maintain accurate data while your participant is moving, compensate for head position, as well as automatically reacquire the participant’s eye when it leaves and then returns to your stimulus display.  

ASL is the only company that offers compensation for head movement with a variety of 6 degrees of freedom (DOF) tracking devices.  A new innovation is our video head tracker that utilizes face recognition software.

Any of the EYE-TRAC bright pupil desktop/remote mounted optics can be connected to the ASL EYE-TRAC control unit and use the same interface and analysis software as our other EYE-TRAC optics.

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